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What is Inceptone?

Inceptone is created with the idea to help organizations improve their operational performance with better management of projects, products and teams.

At this point in time, we are starting with a monthly Newsletter on interesting articles on Project Management, Product Management and Team Management. As part of the Newsletter, we’ll also provide updates on the product we’re building to allow organizations and professionals to better manage projects, products and teams.

However, your signup also makes you eligible for earliest access to the Inceptone.com product (when it is ready for release) and its future feature releases.

What's behind the name - Inceptone?

“Inceptone” is a play on the word “inception”… well that’s pretty obvious? The more important question is “why”?

We see Inceptone.com as the inception of a new age of organizational operations management, at least for those organizations that depend heavily on products, projects and teams.

It is the inception of a new product by Inceptone and we hope it will be the inception of a new phase of growth for all of our customers.


Our story remains absolutely incomplete without a shout-out to the incredible communities people have set up around the world with the idea of sharing. Be it open-source software, Creative-Commons art or simply people solving their problems in the open communities of the likes of Stackoverflow, our story could never have been written with these communities all around. We have been and will be giving back to the world at every feasible possibility that we get. This is another of our core objectives.