What are the key aspects of Project Management?

There are many aspects of project management. And within each aspect, there can be further aspects that could be identified. Depending upon the project you, as a project manage, may need to focus on some aspects over others. How much time and effort you devote to which aspect depends upon the specific context of the project and the expectations of the stakeholders. Anyway, here are the critical ones.

03.Project Mgmt - Compts

Key Aspects of Project Managemnet

  • Management of Stakeholders
  • Management of Scope and Requirements
  • Management of Time and Schedules
  • Management of Budget and Finance
  • Management of People
  • Management of Communication
  • Management of Quality
  • Management of Risk
  • Management of Partners and Vendors
  • Management of Release
  • And finally, last but not the least, planning, organization, coordination and management of all of the points above in order to get your project successfully delivered - integration of all of the bullet points above.

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